Knox grammar apologises to abuse victims

It has been revealed that the NSW Greens have apologized to abuse victims after a public spat over the wording of the party’s language on children.

A Greens member who works with a women’s centre recently sent a series of emails complaining that the Greens were “not clear on what a ‘child’ is”, before being overruled by party chair, Graham Quirk, after being given the time.

The apology was issued after the Greens confirmed they had received reports that abuse had been carried out at children’s centres and was not acceptable.

In the first emails, obtained by the ABC, the member noted that: “I cannot believe that in my community t바카라his is acceptable, especially not from such an influential political party that is so pro-women’s rights.”

The Greens leader, Mark McGowan, said this month: “We are committed to ending sex abuse in all its forms,”바카라 he said.

“And we are continuing to do this under our leadership.”

The NSW Greens did not respond to request for a comment for this story.

A spokesman said they were now reviewing the language of the party’s policies and had spoken to the woman who complained.

NSW Greens: Sex abusers will be ‘disciplined’

In response to the issue, the member asked: “Doesn’t the party not support an education system in which children and teens are taught how to have empathy, respect, and love the people in their life? What’s wrong with this approach?”

In a statement, Ms Quirk said: “We are not going to be apologetic in this matter and will be in contact with the person involved to discuss the matter.”

She added that party policies meant many children were not being properly treated.

The Greens have recently changed their language on the issue of “sex abuse”, a statement said.

They will now say child우리카지노ren can be “victimised” of sexual abuse but will continue to call for a zero tolerance approach to sexual violence and abuse.

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