DO3D Genesis Professional 3D printer

The Genesis professional 3D printer creates parts fast, easily, and in outstanding details. Set it up in just minutes, it's practical dimensions and robust build makes it fit for any environment.

Upload your 3D content and initate a print with just a press of a button and - owing to our DLP technology - you will be pleased with the detailed surface quality and rapid print speeds of the device.

Whether you're looking to extend your current additive manufacturing capacity on your shop floor or planning to introduce new services in your office, the versatility of the Genesis 3D printer will be key to you projects' success.


Unit dimensions: 400 x 500 x 700 mms
Imaging: High resolution DLP
Operating voltage: 230 V, 50 / 60 Hz
Connection type: LAN
Display type: 5” Touchscreen
Software compatibility: Windows compatible
Layer thickness: 25-100 microns

1 year full warranty and

maintenance support (extendable)

Build area:

90x50x160mm @ 47um(XY) | 77x56x140mm @ 75um(XY) | 102x77x120mm @ 100um(XY)     

Key advantages


Modular system

DO3D printers were created with upgrades in mind. Future extensions will be made available for any current models.


Improved vat coating

QuickAdjust vat lining system makes it unneccessary to change or renew resin tanks over time.


Homogenous printing

Projected light homogenization system for optimal and consistent print quality.


Rock solid Z axis

RobustLift Z stage for precise Z-axis movements.


SmartLevel platform

Conduct many prints without having to calibrate the build platform


Standalone production unit

The DO3D G1 printer does not require a PC connection, processes are handled by the printer itself.

The DO3D Genesis professional 3D printer is available now.

For prices and further information, please contact us!

User-friendly software

Processing of the 3D models is done by the printer's own software which allows simple and fast handling in an easy to use manner.

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The print material can vary widely depending on the desired mechanical properties of the prints, from industrial toughness to elastic or even formulations suitable for investment casting.

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